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Hiu Wai.
Everything happens for a reason and I don't believe in happy endings. Miracles do happen if you believe in them. Life goes on and shit happens, continue walking and go for it.For life is too short to be anything but happy.
I know i'm fat and short.Still,
Mad love for chocolates. ;>
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Monday, November 15, 2010
Suck it all in.

Qtpie4evathx HAHAHA.

Thanks petrina jiejie for the present k luvyou HAHA. :>

This is not a post but say a prepost because I'm going to blog around wednesday.
Manyyyyyyy things are coming up. :( K actually it's like those not that fun stuff la which sucks. :(

Hmm, going to post on wednesday because going out with canoeing mates tomorrow and there should be alot of pictures and glam ones i might add. It'd be a long post i promise! There's also Clarice's house baking and umm, my supposedly happy birthday which i will post a few pix la k.Also got yobeoz date! Which was quite along not to mention hyeh. Oh and cousin's coming to sg to study mum sponsoring her >:-( K whatever so long she's smart HAHA. :-) I might actually decide to private my blog since it's like..... People take whatever i write from my blog/twitter whatever and go around telling everyone. Just keep your mouth shut la kthxbye.


Oh by the way if you're free today and lazing at home, can't wait to go out. Then go to sticky cos it's free sticky day! ( Don't rub it in I didnt go T_T ) Till then, HAHA adios~

I'm craving for tori-q bentos now. Hmm.
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