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Hiu Wai.
Everything happens for a reason and I don't believe in happy endings. Miracles do happen if you believe in them. Life goes on and shit happens, continue walking and go for it.For life is too short to be anything but happy.
I know i'm fat and short.Still,
Mad love for chocolates. ;>
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heyo heyo!

K I'm sorry for being a bitch to neglect my blog k nobody's tagging I'm sad.
Argh whatever k anyway.
I'm going to blog long post with very few pix. hyehyeh.

I forgot what date what day so it's the day when exams are over.
  1. Went over to ikea with ruishan,clarice,cherie,petrina,dionnis,gracia,alicia,bernetta and i forgot HAHA.
  2. talk and talk and talk for very long cos we were waiting for the afternoon one we didnt want to eat omelettes and stuff. :>
  3. Ate meatballs (K) and to anchorpoint to buy something.
  4. Walked over to dionnis's house, watched playful kiss~
  5. Bused to central to get stickys and shopped.
  6. Others went home thru bus but me,petrina and genevieve didnt want to go home so actually decided to go to 313, but because we were too tired HAHA so abort~
  7. Petrina didnt want to go home so she went toa payoh to get i-dont-know-what HAHA.
Sums up everything= great day. :)

Friday didnt go to school because CSP exams. So went out in a 1/2 class amt outing!

Moose,khadi,bat,fajar,clarice,ruishan,atikah,petrina,hafizah,saritha,bernetta,ayisha,hema,genevieve and me I FORGOT THERE WAS TOO MANY PEOPLE HAHAHAHA.

  1. Met with bat in mrt early morning went bb and found the others ate at macs~
  2. Headed to the idk club for bowling~ :>
  3. The uncle at the counter was really annoying HAHA
  4. Played and played pretty well hehe quite unexpected but i was 3rd but ya whatever HAHAHA
  5. Paid money and everyone was thankful for having the whole class comm ( k not all) there so much easier HAHA (Y)
  6. went on to laserquest and waited for say 40 minutes since one game was 20minutes or so.
  7. Wait was definitely paid off because laserquest was like (K)(K)(K) omg the best damn fun~
  8. My team lost.... :(
  9. K HAHA a few went home and a few people came to my house! :>
  10. Played table tennis at my house ( why don't i have a pool table. )
  11. After a few tries had matches and stuff then pet,hafi,bern,saritha and alot of people literally gave up and went to watch playful kiss again in my room while me and clarice played table tennis HAHA fun~
Hmm yay. :)

  1. Stayed at home until 3+
  2. Went out with family until 4+
  3. Went to Alicia's house to complete the podcast HAHA dam funny thanks k it was very very very funny.
  4. Left at around 7.30 and went to orchard with 111
  5. Stupid girl me couldn't see where the bus was going so dropped down real early and I realized they were in 313 -_______-
  6. Walked from basically wheelock alll the way to somerset yay.
  7. Mum bought a bag there very happy but i happy girl also cos i ate sakae while she was shopping HAHA
  8. Walked again, feet pain.. :(
Sums up a tiring yet fun day HAHA

Er Sunday & Monday-
Sleep late+shows+slacking in the house.
The feeling's great. :>

Went back to school real early at 10am for house matters, realized we needed to plan the interhouse games hahaha.
  1. I'm not going to complain but just one sentence It was fresh and new, so yeah not used to the sudden demands by teachers and seniors. We'll do better. :)
  2. Did the plans without lunch all the way until 3+
  3. Went on to vivo with moose and then realized that the other g3 mates went off~
  4. Still got a good meal for all of us we went with beverly,emily to vivo cos they were having their hockey outing~
  5. We saw bat there HAHAHA and hockey people, ate our lunch, too tired and cos still had to finish up proposal and stuff so just went home. :)
Tired but fufilling day. :>


Interhouse games.
I feel indignant and i feel super innocent.Everyone was scolding me for stuffs which wasn't even under me. I am only the facilitator which is giving instructions which are given to me. They scolded me for everything including crowd control+logistics+point taking.
Yay. But still, I think I did a good job but had so much more to improve.
I know i can do it k yay. :)


Doom. I prefer not to talk about it since it's not a really good thing and from the few emo posts from below you'd know it. So kthxbyebye.

Had enrichment! Went to baking with cherie,dionnis,alicia,petrina,amy,sha-naz~
  1. Did baked ice cream at first, hmmmmmmmmmmm mine was okay at first.
  2. Oh i partnered petrina, cherie dionnis and alicia partnered tgt. LOL PETRINA ONLY GAVE MORAL SUPPORT I WHISK THE THING UNTIL I GOT BLISTER
  3. Petrina if you are seeing this, do take note you need to buy me chocolates k HAHA.
  4. Was pretty fun but the end product was like so-so, wasn't that good since the oven was -___-
  5. Headed to do brownies, decided not to put in so much cocoa powder since i ate Uma's one and it was like srsly bitter like mad. Hyeh.
  6. Turned out okay, was very nice. Left over 1hour++ so talked about subject combination~
  7. stayed back and talk about subject combination again until 2+, went to student leadership forum.
  8. Tajong pajar person came, she was really friendly and stuff. Yep HAHA. Joanna was totally sleeping beside me lah omg!
  9. Went home, tired girl HAHAHA

  1. Basically, i spent my whole day thinking about subject combination and watching videos. Yayaye :)
  2. Evening, went for dinner with family, dad's friends and cousins ( usual routine lah HAHA )
  3. Really nice food except that prawns were too much. Everything was bought live to be more fresh or whatever I heard from my mum whee~ :>
  4. Had dinner for god-knows-how-many-hours but it's usual HAHA
  5. Went home, talked to parents about subject combination and other stuffs.
  6. :-)
  1. woke up late (Y)
  2. Computer-ed the whole day thanks
  3. submitted subject combination hope it works.
  4. Keep telling myself that tomorrow onwards there will be no tinge of sadness.
  5. Facebook omg there's like almost 50 people like my status and trust me there's so much to write i used up all my time. :>
  6. Nice day, I'm going to write my letters now. Afterwards, if i am not tired read some books have some drinks and off to sleep.

Oh and,


Oh and. I will not be sad or anything already or at least in school because there's less than a week to seperation of g3, treasure this times, make it shine and note in mind:
Miracles do happen.

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