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Hiu Wai.
Everything happens for a reason and I don't believe in happy endings. Miracles do happen if you believe in them. Life goes on and shit happens, continue walking and go for it.For life is too short to be anything but happy.
I know i'm fat and short.Still,
Mad love for chocolates. ;>
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Hi,I like you.
Supz? :>

  1. Had enrichment again, but this time it was felt magic! Pretty cool since we got to do felt and played with it HAHA.
Alicia,dionnis,cherie,ezrella and crystal. :>
Had tons of fun playing and fooling around.
" Er I'm going to keep it as a souvenir."
" You mean.. as one whole felt?.."
" Er ya?"

  1. Went back class for payment for g3 matesssssssss, pet and co. waited for me hehehehe.
  2. Went with pet,hafi,saritha,bernetta,yuqi,syahirah to csm :>
  3. Told them it was a nice place hehehehehex in the end they all liked it.
  4. Oh but it's my mum and me's hideout place so i better not see you when i go with moi mama k. :( HAHAHAHAA
  5. Anyway so bought cute little stickers there, went to popular to check out the next year's textbooks.
  6. Had pepperlunch for lunch and stupid syahirah bern hafi all don't want to eat because they wanted to see baek seung jo!!!!!!! :( Stupid smelly man~
  7. Went home and finished off..... one letter. HAHAHA
  8. Oh and received fabulous news. :>

  1. Checking of papers, courses etc etc.
  2. Science Mr chong didnt come in. >:-)
  3. Hmt was so boring and stuffy because air-con was spoilt and was totally. -__-
  4. Recess we skipped it because of stuffs~
  5. Math was okay.
  6. Lit was pretty nice until when all of us nearly fell asleep and nsl gave us breaks HAHA
  7. Oh eng mdm ng let us watch hello!!! omg she downloaded it thanks hAHAHAHAHAH
  8. geog ms sim didnt come in. O_O Class did something hyehyeh. :>
  9. Intending to start doing my cards now. Needs to finish by today. :/
  10. Next read books, organise open house stuffs.
  11. Sleep.

Tomorrow we're getting back our report books. and it's also the last 2 days in g3.
Sucks like hell. :-(

I'm flying soon to meet my key and jiyong soon in korea. kekekekekekekekekeke ^-^
Needs to buy coldwear omg so rush lah i have open house then camp then birthday then in no time it's coming!!!!! :(
Oh no. :-(

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