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Hiu Wai.
Everything happens for a reason and I don't believe in happy endings. Miracles do happen if you believe in them. Life goes on and shit happens, continue walking and go for it.For life is too short to be anything but happy.
I know i'm fat and short.Still,
Mad love for chocolates. ;>
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
6 truth girls ohmygosh they've grown so much and i miss them so much too hahaha (L)

Of course here's my ah lam! hehehehehe the person who spent the best day with me hehehe.
Qianying and me mad love her hahahahaa ;D

Jasmine and me , more unglam ones on facebook haha‚ô•

Long post edited yayz.
My relatives went back, sadly, but she left me chocolates! ;D yay love muax.

So last monday-
i went to pokey my ears! ;> hehehehe and karate kid (K) with angelia, eileen hehe. damn fun, udders next and yeah i went off early and they went to play max hehehee yayz

i forgot what i did sleep in? yayz. Wed too.

Went out with claudia ah lam! ;D (L)(L)(L) ;D
Real hapz, cos it's like damn long since i saw her miss her loads she's turned real pretty! check out facebook pictures winkz hehehe.
Went to 313 first-
new look>f21:)>foody>cotton on> zara>esprit>hmv(?), others i forgot we went so many places hehehe. hapz lah damn happy then somemore me and claudia always got same taste winkz much! HAHAHA.

next i kinda forgot HAHA, wisma. yes wisma-
food republic> somewhere around heehe > isetan>mango(bought a top there heeheh ^^ )> top shop>f21 again hehe>cotton on> heads to ion.

Ion next winkz-
rubi>top shop ( 76 x alot ) hahahaahahah > new look> STILL HAVE ALOT OF SHOPS BUT I REALLY FORGOT HAHAHAH. we just went in look winkz and look again hahahaa. next toilet to take pix! hahahaha damn scared people think we sot sot cos we went in the toilet to take pictures.

went to claudia's house next to play ehehe, claudia's mum cooked for me thankq auntie max! :D:D:D awesome dinner~ went up to claudia's study room, and then went to facebook whatever heehe, late alr, claudia's dad actually sent me home! thanks uncle! ;D hahaha nice day max, thanks claudia for making my day yay!! :D

Damn busy. Camp with softballers and canoeist. Okay to be honest i found the camp like ...... average? if mr poon's gonna put that as our year end i think i'll really cry ;( anyway, raining at first. group bonding> team building> outdoor lunch> rock climbing> height elements> flying-fox(?)>abseilling.
Height element was cool, i had to walk on tjis bridge which is like bloosy tall and everything HAHA, i was freaking out heh.
Next around 7+ 8+ went for pri sch class gathering!met them at hawker centre, talked and talked yay, missed them so much, went over hehe. went back to chalet, boys were there, saw alot of people ,missed them loads, took pix, played cards, made a din, blah blah until 11+, dad fetched me home ^^.

woke up early, canceled meeting, afternoon went to alicia's house to do video production winkz, took thewhole day, sorry i'm not going to let you all see the video hehe. fun but tiring, dirty eyed girls ftw ;D evening went with family to paragon to eat din tai fung, xlb and noodles yay much hehe. Taka after to watch furnitures etc quite fun also hehe. There's this bed which cost 22,500$. Pretty much crazy HAHAHA.went home, relatives going back home tmr :(

yes woke up early, went to send relatives off sadz :( after that went to orchard with mummy!
only went wisma mango etc, off to ion and next paragon and yes walked until my mum didnt felt okay so we left early ah well. went home. School's starting (N) x 329429585478356983524.

Schooled, teachers were not bad, hehehehehehehhhehe. practise for share a thought, went for cca, took with sec 1, capsized once, and yeah great time. After sec 1s, went down with eileen to 500m mark to stroke, hehehe i realize i became lousy. ah well, tired until like god lah please-.-

Schooled, 2 hours felt like eternity hehe. yeah study blah, went for cca, gym tiring too HAHA, i guess this month will be god damn tired for everyday. I'm trying to like upoad that dumb shit into mlg now but mlg is failing me lah GOD CAN MLG JUST LIKE EXTEND THE LIMIT OR SOMETHING OMG.

Really damn tired and i'm still figuring out hows to upload. Will give up i bet, it's impossible.
k bye.

I'm getting fatter and shorter.-_____________-
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