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Hiu Wai.
Everything happens for a reason and I don't believe in happy endings. Miracles do happen if you believe in them. Life goes on and shit happens, continue walking and go for it.For life is too short to be anything but happy.
I know i'm fat and short.Still,
Mad love for chocolates. ;>
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Friday, February 12, 2010
Try to understand the situation.

I feel yawnz. Therefore HEHE, i know it's friday. And i didnt post for one week but ya. Shall just elaborate today. The other days were soooo boring. -.- Cca, homework, study, cca again. Hectic that's all i can say.
Morning, knew all the things for india. Well good things and bad things. I'm with the same room as fatin and she has dslr and i heard from the malays she's very awesome. (: So we're gonna camwhore like shit hehe. (Y). Bad thing, obviously. Well it's like maybe 2 times the price of vietnam or something. Wait should be 3 times. Can you believe it it's nearly 2000. freaking expensive. :/ Fine i'm not rich, but srsly man. 2000 for cip trip. ohmygosh. Couldn't bring myself to tell my mum.Cos' i think she's gonna Shit about it. And apparently, i totally cannot apply for subsidy cos' seriously, even if person person 1000 (gross) , i cannot even make it. Ah whatever i dont want to let everyone know how much my family earns if not people will be like. ' AH!!! so much!!! -.-" or. "Wah. Quite little ah. (actually in her mind thinking it's very little. -.- " forget it.
Skipped one hour of history. BADD.Cos' mr tham is awesome~ After that recess. Damn (Y). Cos' the parents support group sold like different things like. Mac muffin, fillet, sweettalk! (K)(K). hehe. Awesome and i bought muffin + milk tea. woohoo baybeh~ Lscep was freaking awesome please. We practically just whiled our whole time listening to 'songs by popular demand' by mr vu. (he's damn nice lor) and moose and fajar was singing. hehe (Y). After which chinese new year celebration. cool. Next we knew the cny deco thing and we didnt win. One whole post dedicated to g3 later in class blog. Shall not post here.
After that right, i was supposed to go with g3 to eat macs because mdm azlina is the awesomest teacher e verrrrrrrrr. And she treated us macdonalds omfg. Love her to the max. But in the end i didnt go. yeah i went to orchard with nicole and eileen and glen and it was seriously damn nice. Went with nicole first. Then met up with eileen and glen at ion. Glen's 2 guyfriends came over because they had nothing to do then from bishan come over and on the way with nicole on the bus. There's this car in front of us and then right. the car suddenly stop then the bus hit the car by the back. Bloody irritating we waited for like so long?! Gahh~ then went to artbox and bought something important and kept going rounds and rounds and rounds. Then like FINALLY. Eileen and glen came over. Isabelle didnt come okay!!! ): so sad. Well after that went starbucks. drank there and ton there. (: After went back home with nicole cos' i had to go tuition. So ya i didnt stay with them. Felt so sad. ): Well there's a chance soon. hehe ^^v Had tuition, and finally felt so freaking relieved. COS IT'S AWESOME. i shall do something soon. Dont know when but soon. TODAY SHALL BE SLACKING DAY I DONT CARE.g3 please check classblog i think alot people is going to post.. kthxbye.
One more thing.
Next week there's no training. I dont know am i supposed to be happy or not.
pps. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! :D hehehehehe. Love is in the air( so common hehee.)
pppps. AMY IS CUTE!!! :D♥♥
ppppps. Sorry woman. Sorry!!! :(
pppppps. I know there's too many ps-es. Sorry ah kthxbye.
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