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Hiu Wai.
Everything happens for a reason and I don't believe in happy endings. Miracles do happen if you believe in them. Life goes on and shit happens, continue walking and go for it.For life is too short to be anything but happy.
I know i'm fat and short.Still,
Mad love for chocolates. ;>
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Friday, January 8, 2010
Now i've finally learnt the lesson.

WAKAKAKAKAKAKA, the awesomest is here to post again, not bad eh! ;D Since my parents haven't come home and my leg hurts and i just can't sleep now. I shall post teehee.
It was kindda niceeeeeeeee. (: canoeing was kindda awesomeeeeeeee, though it's lik me and eileen shouldn'thave capsized like2 times-.- Sigh, nvm we'll improve aye! (;
is damn awesome. to the damn max. morning sucks though, since it's like we got loads of lessons today, but some was kindda fun! LIKE LIT. damn funny. We played this game 'what if.' s yeah, everyone takes a paper and writes down a question , random shit questions starting with 'what if. ' So i wrote: 'What if we share the same father and different mothers.' HAHA LMAO. Yeah so we're supposed to switch the paper for like until we get some total new paper, not yours confirm lah. Then i got, 'What IF MR LIM FELL IN LOVE WITH PETRINA OMG IT'S DAMN FUNNY I LAUGHED LIKE SHIT. ' then angelina already wrote, 'i would freak out and puke blood and die. ' Should be._. So anyway, after this. You're supposed to like say the answer on the paper(first one)Then you say your question then the next person with another question and answer answers it. so example is like, Mariana's question was, What if you're lonely? . Then LMAO. I have to say the answer to the 'WHAT IF MR LIM FELL IN LOVE thing.. ' And it's the puke blood and freak out one right? So it's like in the end it became. What if you're lonely? My answer:I would freak out and puke blood and die.(?!?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHA lol. ) Thisis not so funny.. You know dionnis's thing is damn funny, question: What if dionnis's clothes has 2 buttons unbutton accidentally. YOU KNOW THR ANSWER IS LIKE. (coincidentally match!!!!!!) She would be the laughing stock on our class. WALAO EH FUNNY SIOL. HAHA okay enough of this. Still got quite some posting to go._.
So after that went to open house, it was damn hot and sunny. The seniors were damn -.-, they just sat down there and we went to go around the whole parade square under the damn hot sun. While they sit and rest-.- Forget it. hehe. So it was awesome. Next is the campfire. WOOHOO BAYBEH IT'S FREAKING NICE i love it like crap and i would not hesitate to rewind it againnn:d so ya, HEHEHEHE actually g3 is already damn good already!!!! But winning or losing isnt the main point, hope you all had fun yeah!!! (; And yaaaaaaaaay, we're the winner of the jukebox and the most enthu class! Seriously, i'm damn proud of you guys for taking down the enthu award, it proves you all really got bonded together. At first i has to even tell you to cheer for the others, but at the end of the camp you all really buckle up your seat belts and cheered for the like the max. o.o (don't make sense) HAHA. so, endof story you all rock.
I'm gonna have a awesome sleep today... Yay.
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