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Hiu Wai.
Everything happens for a reason and I don't believe in happy endings. Miracles do happen if you believe in them. Life goes on and shit happens, continue walking and go for it.For life is too short to be anything but happy.
I know i'm fat and short.Still,
Mad love for chocolates. ;>
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Why must it end like this.
Sorry for not posting ytd, was such a packed day ;c
morning woke up early like crap, ate a tiny breakfast and went to training, paired up with amber again,this time i say behind if not i really can't imagine, this time it was a little better, instead of 5 times, 2 times. I'd say ytd should be her record, i've never seen her NOT capsizing before please. Forget it, anyway, i really felt like crying now, seriously it's damn stressing, with work and canoeing and all the things, i really badly need a good hug. Where are my girlfriends?): Qianying let's have a good hug ): Dilys, dionnis, alicia, petrina, ezrella, jasmine,xuteng,claudia. WHERE ARE YOU I SERIOUSLY DAMN SAD LIAO WALAO. sigh nvm, continue.
woke up dam late hheheehe:D Then after that er, on com and started blogging about the class outing, EVERYONE YOU ALL MUST GO AH IF NOT IO KILL YOU ALL THEN YOU KNOW:D Eh, then er. oh ya went back to evergreen primary to change the books, zonghong got it wrongly sigh. after that going to do homework and everything, then go guitar! ;c Damn sad. Just feel so pessimistic nowadays. And i dont know to go camp or outing.

hehe, funny:D This is dilemma, in the end you just can't be bothered. I feel the exact same way now. ;c
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