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Hiu Wai.
Everything happens for a reason and I don't believe in happy endings. Miracles do happen if you believe in them. Life goes on and shit happens, continue walking and go for it.For life is too short to be anything but happy.
I know i'm fat and short.Still,
Mad love for chocolates. ;>
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Friday, December 11, 2009
Because of you,

Yo sm3xy :B

First of all,
i love you alot, though i always make you angry. Saranghae!(L)(L).
Er, i dont love you lah, But have a nice day with your friends:D (L).
oh you owe me starbucks!:D HEHE .

K let's introduce today-
First, today was awesome to the damn max:D Moring woke up extremely early to say happy birthday to mummy:D then er, brother had tuition. Aunties came then i went to the picnic the picnic was awesome!:D Went there then damn hot, played er ball games for like dk how many minutes, only minutes can!): After ate snacks, ate not too much cos on a diet lah, too fat manzxcxz. Can't believe it i still go training so damn frequently. sheesh. -.- Well after played the taboo, super not co-orperative, sigh . Next er, we played the dk what animal sounds one quite cute:D I keep laughing leh!! ): Then what chop chilli LMAO. Oh then the next game was funny.
Me: ' Baby i love you, can you please smile? (: '
One guy like oppposite sex lah, ' Baby i love you, but i just can't smile'
you get it?:D AHAHA it's like you need to say this without laughing to another guy lorh, there's this guy called er i forgot HAHA start with a Y one, aiyah dont know lah he is damn easy to make him laugh haha! (: That one was quite cute, this guy ah , no wait 2. Ashwin(?) and marcus yeo. They don't laugh. Like seriously ): Damn sad waste my chance HAHA. After that went home liao sianzxczx right. But it's was awesome. I think meiting they all now playing ball, while i stop at 888 to buy cake for dearest mummy(: After came home, Eh, ya lorh parteh lorh, sms-ing everyone hehe:D Not everyone actually, some people. They damn cute:D And another thing, just in case that marcus yeo comes my blog, Dont call me ugly petty liao damn sad ): HAHA. No lah jk:D K Baizxcxzcx !♥

I don't give a damn.

[edit] Oh and i deleted my songs in my blog cos mixpod not working, lazy to update with the songs i like also. so ya hehe:D Lastly, i miss the alumni people again, wonder when can we meet again sigh, once holiday is over. It's over for me too,cos need to work extra hard next year. hope to transfer to njc, HWAITING:D [/edit]
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